Medical Marijuana: Understanding Cannabis as Medicine is a unique film addressing the increasing demand for unbiased information about medical cannabis use.  Although documentaries exist on marijuana, the cannabis industry, and patient experience for certain illnesses, none are as comprehensive as ‘Medical Marijuana: Understanding Cannabis as Medicine’.  The film orients medical users to the world of cannabis, it engages clinicians, and expands the available scientific information for all.  ‘Medical Marijuana: Understanding Cannabis as Medicine’  provides an entertaining orientation to the new user with peeks into the medical cannabis scene with: edibles being created, cannabis researchers, a grow-your-own patient, and a medical marijuana doctor.  The documentary is narrated by a well-known guest celebrity.

'MEDICAL MARIJUANA: UNDERSTANDING CANNABIS AS MEDICINE’ work-in-progress features key medical cannabis researchers, clinicians, patient, and industry leader. This documentary imparts the contemporary story of medical cannabis in an inviting manner for people interested in cannabis for medicinal value.  Increasingly, people with health issues use medical marijuana to complement, supplement or provide an alternative to prescription medicines for many illnesses including: cancer treatment side effects, anxiety, MS, childhood epilepsy, glaucoma, PTSD and more - helping over 2.5 million people nationally. 

Increasing decriminalization, the consequences of mental health problems due to the pandemic, and more awareness of cannabis as a medicinal option leads Millions of people to experiment with the plant medicine.  All can benefit from the current stories about how cannabis is best used and how meaningful the results have been for millions of people.  Join us in exploring the growing awareness and opportunities presented by the increasing knowledge of how cannabis can best help us deal with chronic medical problems.

Cannabis is Medicine: The film

Cannabis provides plant-based medicines that have no way to fit into our current medical system.

THC, CBD,CBN and CBG are cannabinoids that come from the plant with different attributes with medical potencies.  Researchers internationally have established the plant’s value for a variety of ailments.  But healthcare workers get no education on cannabis use while demand is at all time high from patients.

What is the urgency for this film? 

It is urgent for people in chronic pain seeking relief.
It is urgent for those who can’t sleep.
It is urgent for those who are anxious and/or have PTSD.  Nothing so far has worked for them.
It is urgent for people with seizures from epilepsy, Parkinson’s, & M.S. who don’t know episodes can be dramatically decreased with cannabis.
It is urgent for people addicted to opioids who don’t know cannabis can help wean them off painkillers without withdrawal.
It is urgent for cancer patients with unbearable side effects that can find relief with cannabis.

Cannabis is not a cure all medicine.  Successful use for each patient is based on considerable trial and error.  Learning how to take cannabis for medicine is an art as well as based on science.  CANNABIS IS MEDICINE  reveals the personal journeys of patients, practitioners and researchers who often have to defy laws, the medical establishment, false cultural beliefs, lack of education and family prejudice.  Patients using cannabis for health and advocating its use blaze their own trails to incorporate cannabis as part of their medicine.

The Definitive Documentary for New and Prospective Users