The Definitive Documentary for New and Prospective Users

'Medical Marijuana: Understanding Cannabis as Medicine’ is now to be a unique film addressing the increasing demand from people to see how medical cannabis works and what it works for.   Incorporating contemporary research knowledge on medicinal use with patient experience, we comprehensively explore the value and concerns of cannabis for wellness in an intimate and useful way.  

  A growing number of people watch media first for information. We provide an entertaining orientation to the new cannabis user and some surprising new reveals for the experienced user.  With peeks behind the scenes of: edibles being created, the cannabis research community,  a medical marijuana doctor and intimate looks at patients live, the film will be narrated by a well-known celebrity.

With a world struggling to recover from the crushing pandemic in an already overloaded medical system, cannabis, which has been used for thousands of years, can offer extra relief.  It offers relief in addition to or as an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs for a variety of chronic conditions: pain, insomnia, epilepsy, some types of autism, trauma, depression and more.  New cannabinoids are being discovered and researched currently and more is being learned about the pharmacokinetics of this plant medicine.  Prescription medicines can work wonders  but also have sometimes dangerous side effects.  Cannabis is safe for most people.  Let us explore the intricacies of this plant medicine to provide hope and new remedies for all those suffering ailments.