Dr. Donald Abrams MD. Cannabis research. Oncologist at the UCSF Medical Center.
Lead on the NAS meta-analysis of cannabis as medicine.

David Meiri, Ph.D technician Israel Institute of Technology - researching cancer and cannabis

Christopher Cross - manufacturer CBD edibles


George Biancini -Cultivator, strain developer. CBD.  Marin county

Interview subjects already conducted include:


Policy Advocate:


​Ms. M. - Ms. M is an active retiree. With 5 sports injuries, pins in her ankles, a torn trapezius and damaged spinal disc, she maintains her active lifestyle micro-dosing CBDs and cannabis. Through her own experimentation over months, she discovered micro-dosing gave her pain relief without being spacey or ‘high’. 

Cultivator & Manufacturer:

Jon Peterson. - Jon had a rare form of cartilage cancer for 17 years.  He volunteered to pioneer cryogenic treatment for his cancer at UCLA.  He credited his unexpected longevity and good spirits to this new treatment and the frequent use of cannabis.  Jon grew his own plants outdoors in soil and sun organically and advises all cancer patients do the same.  Edibles were his preferred means of consumption as he felt it did more in the form to reduce bodily pain.

Dr. Stephen Porges.  Trauma expert.

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam - Hebrew University.  Isolated THC in the 1960s and has gone on
To conduct hundreds of studies, train cannabis researchers and register dozens of patents.


​Mike Castagnola - Mike was a medical miracle. Living 7 years in clinical trials for metastasized lung cancer, he maintained a high quality of life. A loving husband and dad, he puts other’s needs before his own.  He loves to make people laugh and shares his refreshing life-affirming spirit in all he does. Mike has been part of ‘The Transformers’, an improv group, for 25 years. Cannabis has been helpful at times, but living on heavy experimental drugs, he often does not enjoy being high so favors CBDs, edibles, and small dosing.

Yvonne Westbrook - Diagnosed with MS in her late twenties after experiencing extended bouts of weakness so extreme that it forced her to end her career and put her on disability. Yvonne’s indomitable spirit led her to discover that marijuana lessens spasticity when taken in addition to her prescription medicines. Multiple sclerosis is a severely degenerative disease. Today she is wheelchair-bound with the use of only one arm and hand. Cannabis lifts her spirits when used daily. An activist for medical marijuana legalization. she has gone before Congress in Washington and tested in Sacramento. Yvonne teaches at Oaksterdam University in Oakland, reminding prospective entrepreneurs that the compassionate use of cannabis for patients in pain and illness is more important than financial profit. 

Dale Gieringer - Long time head of California NORML and author of multiple books and publications on cannabis.  Instrumental in forging California’s cannabis legislation.

Dr. David Presti.  UC Berkeley neurobiologist and psychedelic studies

Ruth Gallily Immunology, cancer and cannabis research.

Hebrew University of Jerusalem.